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Website & Menu features for
Online Ordering System

arjunweb Refine Current Websites

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Current website not up to mark, by looking at your goals for a little budget, but don’t worry. Arjun web team we’re here to help your company scale and be the driver to achieve your corporate goals. Great outlook combined with latest technologies will surely win your hearts.

 Content & Graphics updates

  • If you have any new content/graphics (like banners, images, flyers etc,) for your web pages we will update it.
  • Also, will remove unwanted content/graphics from your website and will update latest updated services on your website.

 Application forms

  • If you have any application forms (like Inquiry, Career forms etc,), and not having reply then will solve those technical issues will rectify the problems.

 Video & Photo gallery

  • If any bugs/conflicts in photos & video gallery page will resolve it.
  • Otherwise if you want to integrate with third-party tools like Google Drive/YouTube URL. Etc, we will integrate.


  • You may face some performance issues like browser & HTML related issues, or it may take a long time to execute a transaction, or any kind of hacking/malware attach issues. Will rectify that kind of issues also.