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Arjun Web Solutions platform is well for the Event Management & Annual Conventions. Some of our convention websites are designed with Venue Management, Event Registration, Ticketing and Reporting. We developed the best event management websites to the creation and development of large scale events such as festivals, conferences, concerts, or conventions.

We build a dynamic website specifically designed for your attendees to view on their mobile devices. Build brand awareness by creating event websites consistent with your organization's colours, logo and design Provide attendees with a professional, user-friendly event management and registration portal

 Invitees & Venue

  • Invitee’s list page contains list of Invitees and list display with Search, Sort and Paging option.
  • We can obtain information from all event Invitees /attendees when they register either on-site or online
  • Venue list page will contain Event Session details, schedule & location details, with graphic images.

 Convention event schedule details

  • Event Schedule page with list of event date & day of the event and a user-friendly schedule page.
  • With detailed information about event schedule
  • We can able to upload & update events with the event name, graphics, event time & location, description on a category wise basis
  • This functionality helps us to display current, past & upcoming events & schedule details based on given date range through the control panel

 Event Registrations

  • With our online event registration forms attendees can register for your event on your own website.
  • We can develop a system where the information obtained is filed into a database automatically upon receipt of an online application forms.
  • This concept will help to view all registered Cultural & Tickets purchase list from attendees
  • Ability to integrate event registration form with PayPal, Authorized .net & other payment gateway integrations
  • Through control panel we can export payment records of a selected form & we can able to browse, find, edit, and delete a payment record
  • Ability to reply to emails by updating status