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Website & Menu features for
Online Ordering System

arjunweb CMS Websites

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We build with powerful (CMS) Content Management System to make it easy to keep your website up to date. We use innovative yet simple WEB services. CMS Programming, which offers a custom coding or open architecture allows easy integration. More so, CMS allows website owners to manage content of their websites, be it in texts, pictures, music, documents, etc., on their own. We furnish CMS Development to client for maximum benefits. For a little price, you will have established a standard process of maintaining your website.

 Content & Graphic update

  • CMS feature will help to update content and graphics. Other basic operation like delete, status update etc. can also be performed.
  • This concept will help to add new pages on a category wise basis
  • This concept will help to manage basic SEO like add, update, delete keywords/website description
  • Banner management: - It’s easy to set up banners on your website using the banner management. You can add as many banners as you need, and you can set impression numbers, special URLs, and more.
  • We can upload, edit, enable/disable newly added theme animation & other sliders

 Application forms

  • Ability to view all feedbacks from the user.
  • All application forms data will be stored into the database.
  • Through control panel we can export reports into excel (.CSV format) option
  • Ability to reply to emails by updating status

 Photos & Video gallery

  • This functionality helps us to upload images, albums from our control panel, category wise.
  • For this uploading purpose we use the third-party tools like Google Drive, Picasa gallery. Etc,
  • Video gallery concepts help you to integrate and embed YouTube URLs to the website.
  • Ability upload YouTube URL’s through control panel

 Contact us & Social media integration

  • This is the communication centre. This contact us page contains address, emails, Google location map integration & social media links